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The First Note


Darian Simmons is a member of the British Columbia Registered Music Teachers Association, and is a private piano teacher who has been teaching since September 2011. She teaches at the British Columbia Conservatory of Music in Burnaby, BC as well, and has been there since May 2015. Darian is also a Lifeguard in Port Coquitlam, where she teaches swimming lessons and courses in Lifeguarding, and she has also taught Rock Climbing to young children from 2010-2014. Darian is a teacher at heart and understands how to get the best out of her students. Darian is a patient, firm and enthusiastic teacher, who looks to inspire students to reach high levels of achievement, as well as have fun! With each lesson, she brings creativity and energy, providing a supportive learning environment and instilling the values of discipline, confidence and musical curiosity and exploration.


Students have the opportinity to perform at two recitals per year, plus will be prepared for festivals and exams, if they so desire.

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